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Shimano Di2 Servicing

If you have Di2 electronic shifting then

you don't need us to tell you how

awesome it is. But are you getting the

very best out of if?

The owner of this S-Works had buttons

on his hoods that he did not know

about as they had never been set up -

we programmed them to work as extra

rear shifters.

Shimano are constantly bringing out updates and adding extra features, improving performance and maintaining reliability.

With our Di2 service we plug in the computer, check for faults, install updates and set up the indexing to provide you with the best performance possible.

If you book a Di2 "Custom" service, in addition to a Di2 service we will also set the bike up for your personal preferences. We can program the controls to what suits you best, change how many gears the bike will change if you hold down the shift lever, make the shift speed faster (or slower) and on bikes that meet the hardware requirements we can even set up "synchro-shift" - mapping the gears so that the front derailleur will change automatically with the rear.

Di2 Service                £25.00 

Di2 Custom Service     £40.00 

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