Government "Fix Your Bike" Voucher Scheme

The Government has recently launched their "Fix Your Bike" voucher scheme - and will be releasing 500,000 vouchers with a value of £50 each. 


These will be released in stages so as not to overload bike shops & repairers.

To apply for a voucher   Click Here  - this will take you to the Energy Saving Trust website where

full terms and conditions can be found.

Please note - Vouchers are only valid for 60 days - when making a booking, we will need you to confirm expiry date. (If this is supplied incorrectly the voucher may be invalid and you have to pay the full repair cost)

In order for vouchers to be eligible for redemption:

The cycle owner must be over 18 The repairs must be necessary to make cycles roadworthy and fit for purpose, this may include: - Repair or replace tyres, tubes, wheels and related components - Adjust, repair or replace braking system components - Adjust, repair or replace transmission system components. - Repair or replace other essential components which prevent safe use of the cycle e.g. deteriorated grips or saddle - Repair or replacement of components for permanently fitted lighting systems


Repairs which are NOT eligible: - replacement or upgrade of existing safe and roadworthy components - replacement or repair of removeable lighting accessories


• Vouchers will cover up to £50 per cycle towards the Eligible Repairs and parts that need replacement as part of the Eligible Repairs. The cycle owner will need to pay the remainder cost if the cost is greater than £50.


• If the cost of the service is below £50, the voucher will only cover for the effective cost of the transaction (less than £50).


• A maximum of 1 vouchers can be claimed per customer address, and only 1 voucher per cycle. • Vouchers must be valid at point of redemption.

To redeem a voucher, we will need to check cyclist’s identification which must include proof of address and must match the voucher registration details.

Accepted forms of customer identification are either: a valid driving licence photo card with address, or another form of photographic identification either: - Passport, - National identity card (non-UK), - Residence permit

Plus one of the following, less than 3 months old, paper or electronic: - utility bill, - council tax bill, - mortgage statement, - council/housing association rent card, - benefit book.

The voucher can only be redeemed against the bike you registered when applying - we have to supply photographic evidence that this is the case.

Please note - if you are planning to use a voucher, only make an appointment once you have received your voucher.

If we are unable to fit you in before your voucher expires, we can not get time extensions - you will need to find another authorised repairer (See Energy Saving Trust website)