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Doctor Bike Day

We visit workplaces, community centres, clubs and events to help maintain bikes.

Our client pays for the Dr. Bike Day - and chooses how to allocate time slots - for example we may have an 8 hour session, with 20 minutes allocated per bike (24 slots). Some clients also pay for parts used, though this is more usually paid for by the bike owner.

Our mechanic will carry out an assessment on each bike and make minor repairs to ensure that they are in good working order.  Repairs like punctures, gear tuning, brake adjustments can be carried out on the spot (time permitting).  If more in depth work is needed we will advise what needs to be done and the likely cost. 

Doctor Bike Prices:

4    Hour Surgery From £250*

7.5 Hour Surgery From £450*

* Parts Not Included

"I would highly recommend *Dr Bike*.

I had such a great experience whilst my bike was getting the once over.

They were thorough and spent time with me explaining what was necessary and advisable.I feel like I have a new bike after the 'one stop surgery' where they made tweaks that made a world of difference.

*Absolutely brilliant!*" - Michelle

Our Dr. Bike clients include:

Hounslow Council

Pinewood Studios

Shepperton Studios

Spelthorne Council

"We hold Dr Bike events a couple of times a year at two of our studios.

The events we organise with Hinton Cycles are always really successful and we receive positive feedback every time. David is efficient, professional and knowledgeable and provides a really worthwhile event for our staff" - Olivia

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