It has become necessary for us to make a few slight changes to our work methods - which will hopefully serve to protect  both our staff and our customers, while helping you to stay on your bike and off the bus / train.

When we arrive at your property, we will not shake hands, or enter your home.

We will try to  maintain a 2m space between our customer and our mechanic.

When we take the bike off you - we will spray a sanitizer on both handlebar grips and on the saddle.

(This will not damage any paint or other surfaces)

We will work on the bike inside our van - and respectfully ask that customers remain outside the van.


Before returning your bike, we will once again spray the seat and handlebar grips with alcohol sanitizer.


Taking payment we would prefer card (we keep our workshop gloves on, and the machine is wiped down before and after each use) - and we will email a receipt. If you do not have a card, we would ask for bank transfer (while we are present), but if you only have cash - that is fine too.

Thank you for kind offers of hot beverages - but for now we are sticking to the flask!

We are really looking forward to the time that these measures are no longer needed.