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E-Bike Servicing

Which bikes do we work on?

Our expertise lies in servicing road-legal e-bikes.

These bikes meet safety regulations for wattage and speed, allowing you to ride them freely on public roads.

If your e-bike adheres to these guidelines, bring it in for top-notch service!

Which Brands Do We Work On?

Is your e-bike powered by Shimano Steps or a Bosch system? You've come to the right place! Our technicians are certified to service both leading e-bike technologies. We have the expertise and tools to diagnose and fix any issues with your motor, battery, or display

Revamp your ride with a Boost e-bike conversion kit! We're proud to be an approved partner of Boost, offering their innovative electric bike conversion systems. Breathe new life into your existing bike with a powerful yet discreet rear hub motor. Our team is fully trained to install and maintain Boost kits, ensuring a seamless transition to electric-assisted cycling​

Does your e-bike pack a punch with a Bafang motor or rely on the smooth power of Mahle? We've got you covered! Our technicians are well-versed in servicing e-bikes equipped with both these popular drive systems, including those from Swytch conversion kits. Whether it's a mid-drive or hub motor, we have the expertise to diagnose and fix any concerns you might have with your battery, display, or motor. Bring your e-bike in for a service and get back to enjoying effortless rides!

We carry out:


Firmware Updates




Please note: we will not work on any E-Bike that is not UK road legal.  (Please click here to check if your bike complies)

This - includes non motor related problems - like brakes, punctures gears etc. 

Many are concerned about battery fire safety - Please click here for a link to the Cycle Association Guidelines that have been produced in cooperation with the Government, or click here for a link to Fire England advice.

We love E-Bikes - and want you to get the best out of yours.​

With so many types and each one having their own specific needs, please call for a price estimate.

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